At PBF everyone is needed and gets an important task, which corresponds to their abilities. No programming knowledge is necessary. 

All those who want to test a patch can without the need to set up a local installation. You can use an online PBF environment. We work with Joomla!4. Information about the new backend was published in November in Joomla-Magazin.

If you don't want to test a patch, please log in to Glip-Chatroom. Together we will find an alternative task, see also the bottom of page.

Preparations and Installations

1. Means of communication - Enabling teamwork

In Glip-Chatroom you can ask questions and exchange ideas: Instruction: Glip and GitHub you need to know if you want to test patches: Instruction: GitHub.

2. setup Joomla installation

There are two ways to get a Joomla installation at PBF. Option 1: The online PBF environment is available shortly before the PBF event and is also suitable for participants with little system knowledge: Manual online PBF environment. With option 2 you can set up a local installation on your device: instructions: Local Installation

3. find and test errors

If you have configured the local or online installation, you can confirm the bug (status "New"/"New") or test the patch (status "Pending"/"Waiting")

You might find a new bug when testing the patch. With a little luck, "your" bug be fixed at PBF?! Guidance: Report Bug


4. alternative tasks

You don't want to program? Then write documentation or get involved as a translator. How to become a translator, you can learn here.

If you are advanced, you can submit Pull Requests. EVERYONE is welcome and needed.

We will find a task for you together. Just join us. Just sign up in Glip Chat.

We'll find you a task together.

Whether you're a beginner or pro, graphic designer or programmer, whether you have an business or part of a JUG, whether male or female, young or old. We are happy to welcome anyone who already uses Joomla! for work, for fun or only wants to get to know it better. Only the interest in Joomla! counts. Everyone is welcome here.

We would like to invite all Joomla enthusiastic users, no matter what their prior knowledge, to Joomla!. We are grateful for any support! Participation is free, soft drinks and a pizza included.

Did you have any suggestions, additions, find any mistakes or would you like to participate? Would you like to organize a PBF and need support? Then we look forward to receiving your message, contact Benjamin by emailing .