At the PBF, every helping hand is welcome and needed. Programming skills are not necessary.

Of course you can also participate remotely in the hunt for bugs. But there's free pizza and more fun at venues you can find on the map. But what's stopping you from providing a location in the area for yourself and your Joomla friends? This is how it works: Host an event location.

On the day of the PBF we want to have everything ready to start immediately with full commitment.

Preparations and Installations

Join Glip

In Glip-Chatroom you can ask questions and exchange ideas: Instruction: Glip.

Setup Joomla installation

Anyone who can / want to test a patch will need a recent Joomla V4 installation to run the tests. There are two ways to get a Joomla installation at PBF.

Option 1: Shortly before the PBF event we will make Online Installations available for participants with little system knowledge: How to use online PBF environment.
Option 2: Set up a local installation on your device: How to build a local Joomla environment.

Read instructions

So you know what to expect, read the following instructions

You might find a new bug when testing the patch. With a little luck, "your" bug will be fixed at PBF?!

You don't want to test PRs? Then write documentation or get involved as a translator. How to become a translator for the Joomla! documentation


You want to do something else? We will find a task for you. Just join us. Join us on glip