Online PBF Environment Online installations for the PBF can be found here:

Outside of PBF events, you can use the Joomla launch:

Joomla Launch:

What do you need for the online PBF environment?
  • Internet Connection / Browser

    Quick Start / Quick Start

    1. On the page (was:, new ), just before the PBF event, you will find a list of pages available during the PBF sessions.
      List of temporary pages
    2. Sign in to the Joomla backend
      Username: is the install number.
      Password: is the install number.
      Tip: If you cannot log in, it's because someone else has reserved this number.
    3. Change Joomla backend password (eg GitHub name),
      so that no two people are working on the same version at the same time and this version is YOURs for today: -)
    4. If you have a problem, you will need GitHub authentication, how to do it here . Note: A specific number of people can work without a GitHub at the Lease Tester . That's why you do not normally need to authenticate yourself to the PBF in the PBF environment.
    5. Click on the "Fetch Data" button.


    6. All patches will be downloaded. The patch tester is structured as follows:

      build the patchtester

      1: search box, eg. For example, we can search for the pull ID here. The pull ID is on the list distributed by the PBF.
      2: Sort by Joomla version, for example Joomla 4.0
      3: Branch indicates for which Joomla version the patch is 4: "Yes" means the patch has already been tested; "No" still needs to be tested.
      5: You get to GitHub
      6: The Issue Tracker Contains the bug description that can be used to recreate the bug. If in the Issue Tracker is logged in, you can, for example, in the selection menu click on whether the test could be tested successfully, or leave the patch programmer a message on what failed - what he needs to improve (more on that later ).
      7: Only after you have recreated the error, you can apply the patch with a click on "Apply Patch".

    7. Let's go: Fix the error and test the patch: Click here for step-by-step instructions

Whether you're a beginner or pro, graphic designer or programmer, whether you have an business or part of a JUG, whether male or female, young or old. We are happy to welcome anyone who already uses Joomla! for work, for fun or only wants to get to know it better. Only the interest in Joomla! counts. Everyone is welcome here.

We would like to invite all Joomla enthusiastic users, no matter what their prior knowledge, to Joomla!. We are grateful for any support! Participation is free, soft drinks and a pizza included.

Did you have any suggestions, additions, find any mistakes or would you like to participate? Would you like to organize a PBF and need support? Then we look forward to receiving your message, contact Benjamin by emailing .