At PBF we meet primarily to test patches, but maybe you find a bug? You noticed something in Joomla!, for example a link that is not correct? Or you're not sure if a layout or a function is meant to work that way? Here's the question - is it a bug or an intended behavior (feature) or just a misunderstanding? Inconsistencies can be discussed in the PBF in the Glip-Chat. With a little luck "your" bug can be fixed that day.

Where to report a bug?

You can report a bug directly in the Issue Tracker (

A GitHub account is required to use the Issue Tracker. You can register a GitHub account on the page. You have to authorize Joomla! when you register. Here you will find detailed instructions: Instructions: GitHub.


Select language

You can select a language, but only the menu items in that language will be displayed. Why? Because there is no translator for comments. Please pay attention: Only comment in English language, because people of all nations are working on the troubleshooting and most of them know some English.

New message

When you click on "New message", a new window opens.

Select language in Issue Tracker

Now you can comment:

Enter error description

When describing the error, please pay attention to the following points:

  1. Meaningful name / heading
  2. Is troubleshooting urgent? Please note: If you have a security issue report, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. directly, do not post it publicly.
  3. In which Joomla! version did you discover the bug?
  4. Here you can select categories, from A like Accessibility to U like Updating.
  5. Error description
    1. "Steps to reproduce the issue": Detailed description of the problem. Best click for click to make the bug reproducible.
    2. Expected result: What result would you have expected?
    3. Actual result: Which result did you see instead of the expected result?
    4. System information (as much as possible): Note here as much system information as possible, e.g. on which device (laptop, mobile phone) or on which operating system (Linux, Microsoft, Apple) the bug occurred?
    5. Additional comments: Additional information; Please note: The better the description, the easier it is for developers to find a solution.
  6. Screenshots often help to understand the problem faster.
  7. When you are done, click on the "Submit"
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