Before developers can work on an issue, this error must first be reconstructed, as It could also be a user error or a misunderstanding. Issues that are brand new (status "New") can therefore be confirmed (or rejected). This requires the tester to readjust and then confirm the problem, possibly adding more information.

What do I need to confirm a BUG?

And so to work:

Immediately after a bug/problem has been reported, the bug receives the status "New" in the "Issue Tracker" ( This means that nothing has been done yet and the error must first be confirmed. And this is where you come in! You check the bug description to see if it is really a bug in Joomla, a "user error" or a bug in a third-party extension.



to point 1: A GitHub account is required to use the Issue Tracker. You can register a GitHub account on the page You have to authorize Joomla! when you register. You can find detailed instructions here: Instruction: GitHub.

zu Punkt 2: Select language; You can select the language, but only the menu items in that language will be displayed. Why? Because there is no translator for comments.Only comment in English language, because people of all nations are working on the troubleshooting and most of them understand some English.

zu Punkt 3: Go to point 3: If you click on "Search tools", the menu opens up.


to point 4: You can search specifically for the status "new" or "new".

to point 5: The error description is linked here. Normally the bug description contains all information to reproduce the bug click by click. And to reproduce, you need either the Online PBF environment (Instructions: Online PBF environment) or a local installation (Instructions: Local installation).

If you've found a new message, check the problem with the description and see if it's really a bug in Joomla or a "user error" or bug in a third-party extension.

This can be time-consuming. It may require that you build a multilingual site and prepare lots of data.


After logging in with the GitHub account, you can comment in Issue Tracker.

If you manage to reproduce the bug, write "issue confirmed ..." in the comment. + additional information"

If it does not work: write something like  "I cannot confirm this issue, in my application this works as expected... + all the information you have"

This also makes it easier for developers to find errors.