PBF stands for the all-day event "Pizza Bugs & Fun", where designers, developers, programmers and Joomla users meet and work together on Joomla! to make it even better. No matter if you are a beginner or a professional, everyone is welcome and we look forward to welcoming you to the PBF.

Found a bug? Now anyone can help.

Find a bug

A person finds and reports the bug, how does it work? Find out here: Instructions Report Bug

Confirm bug

One person confirms the bug. Incidentally, the bug is not confirmed, for example, if it is a "user error" or a bug in a foreign extension: Instructions Confirm bug (" New "/" New "status)

Write Pull Request (Patch)

A developer writes a pull request. At PBF, we mainly want to test existing patches. Feel free to write and submit pull requests, feel free to contact us in Glip Chatroom .

Test Pull Request (Patches)

Testing the patch is actually the main reason why we meet for the PBF, because often this task is the bottleneck. Two people have to test a patch successfully so that it can be taken over in the Joomla! -Core. The PBF gives you the opportunity to learn from scratch how to test patches. Prerequisite for How to: Test Patch (Pending / Waiting Status) is to set up a work environment for which the PBF has two options:

Option 1 is the online PBF environment: For those who do not want or can not set up a local installation, there will be around 100 online installations at the PBF event. How to work with the online PBF environment, you can find out here . Option 2 is the local installation: If you want to set up a work environment at home and use the new Joomla! - To learn more about the backend, you can set up a local installation .

At the PBF event, the various JUGs are well connected to each other online. In case of problems, not only your own JUG helps you, but the JUG coordinator knows where experts are and can specifically request help. So not only do we create a lot this day, but he is often the starting point to continue working at home and Joomla! to make every day even better. The PBF will be as much fun as a good party, with good food and nice people.

Write or translate new documentation

Anyone who can not or does not want to program and does not want to test patches is still welcome to the PBF. You do not have to write every line of code, but can create new documentation, like the Joomla! Translate documentation ( JDocs ). JDocs is the official manual and project documentation. Many articles are only available in English so far. Click here to find out how to become a translator . If you have any questions, please contact the Glip Chatroom .

Code in Joomla! Record Core

If the pull request (patch) has been successfully tested twice then a product owner will pick up the patch in the Joomla! core. A product owner has the write permission for the source code of Joomla!.

Our Supporter - Thank you
Our Supporter - Thank you

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